You want to be free from fear and safe to live your life. You want your reputation defended. I will protect you by every legal means I know.

I stand up for you and leave no stone unmoved to find the law, case, fact or argument that will protect you and your rights from violation or infringement. There is no routine case. It is your case and your life. Therefore, I defend it all.

  1. Petty theft
  2. Driving While License Revoked
  3. Possession of Marijuana
  4. Prostitution
  5. Possession of a Controlled Substance
  6. Receiving Stolen Goods
  7. Stealing/Theft
  8. Violations of Probation
  9. Assault
  10. Battery
  11. Sex Battery
  12. Murder
  13. DWI

Your children, your babies are at stake. Their future hangs in the balance. Having fathered 7 children, I know first hand the importance of this issue. We will work together and best decide how to help and protect your family.

  1. Child Support
  2. Maintenance Modifications
  3. Maintenance Arrearge
  4. Guardianships
  5. Conservatorships

It's property. Whose is it to enjoy? Let's resolve the dispute and protect your property rights.

You have worked all your life. You've done without, played by the rules and now it is time to consider how to best protect your assets for future use and protect you autonomy. This is collaborative effort and with my years of experience I can help.

Whether a minor child or adult parent I have the experience to create the legal frame work so that everyone in need has the correct person caring for them. It is all about right person doing the right thing for someone they love.

You got hurt and it is not your fault. Someone needs to pay for all the bills and restore you. I will make sure to the best of my ability that that is exactly what happens. You have people depending upon you. You can depend upon me.

Starting a business, changing the ownership, expanding your operations or handling unexpected events is what I offer in sound, reliable and tested strategies. The methods, measures and legal framework I will present will protect everything important

  1. Business Plans
  2. Budgeting
  3. Employment Issues
  4. Litiigation
  5. Strategic Planning
  6. Markeing